In the Pink

When I arrived, there were Christmas lights strung from the disco balls, and when Craig stood on a chair to switch on the revolving mechanism, the balls wouldn't turn.  Maybe unhook the Christmas lights, I suggested.  That worked, and New Years Eve could begin for real.  I drank some of Cliff Hengst's amazing bourbon sangria and danced to dj-ed New Wave disco, music I'm not particularly fond of or familiar with.  But the longer I danced the more it grew on me.

Disco balls and spiky potted plant cast a shadow play upon the wall.  And even though Kevin and I had agreed to only stay an hour, I danced on and on.

The earrings I wore mirrored the disco balls—crystal pave balls hanging from silver wires.  The crystal chips are gray and therefore called "black diamond," which made me think of Elizabeth Taylor.  I'd like to say I felt like her, but I have no idea what Liz would have felt like dancing beneath the pink disco balls in black dress and heels, black diamond earrings swaying to the beat.

The crystal ball earrings are an Etsy knock off of balls made from real diamond pave called Shamballa.  Rap musician Jay Z was the first person to custom order a Shamballa bracelet.  From the Shamballa website:  "We make precious jewellery that encourages the possibility of connecting to our inner compassion and wisdom."

And later:  "The Star of Shamballa—two intercrossed thunderbolts, represents the irresistible force created when creativity springs in a pure, conscious mind.  The creative force is found in everyone, we invite you to explore the force within you."

So, I guess there's magic and then there's materialism, and I hope for the New Year I'll have the capacity to discern the difference between the two, if indeed there is a difference.

Today Kevin and I walked to a nearby cafe and ate breakfast-lunch-dinner, all at once, and he told me about the lives of Bunny Lang and Henry Fonda, alternating so quickly between the two that sometimes I didn't know who was living which life.  "How's your meatballs?" I asked.  "Too spicy."

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Kevin Killian said...

It isn't easy even for the expert to separate the lives of Henry Fonda and Bunny Lang. She was sort of patrician and slapdash, the sort of woman he preferred, while he had two legs and a pulse, which was vice versa.