10,000 Dresses

We are terribly proud of our friend Marcus Ewert whose first published book came out today! It is a story for children called 10,000 Dresses from Seven Stories Press, and it has spectacular illustrations by San Francisco's #1 graphic designer Rex Ray, in his first attempt at pure illustration. Tonight was their launch at Books Inc in the Castro, and just when I was about to get ready to go my cat Quincy came down with some alarming symptoms and I had to drive her to the vet, so I asked Kevin to go and take some quick photos so I could see all the glamor and share it with you.

Here they are, Marcus Ewert and Rex Ray, pens in hand, ready to sign more books.

One reading looks very much like another but in this one, Rex held open each spread page so all could see, while Marcus read from another copy.

I have known Marcus since he was eighteen or so and very much involved in the evolving queer homocore scene in which he was actually one of the central figures. He acted in films by Sadie Benning, GB Jones, Gus van Sant; he enjoyed close relationships with many genius writers and artists including Allen Ginsberg, William S Burroughs, Dennis Cooper; he edited a seminal punk comic journal called Ruh-Roh. But he always wanted to become a writer and now he has made that happen through the power of positive thinking.

In 10,000 Dresses, a little child Bailey dreams night after night of one spectacular dress after another, but when she tells his family about these dreams, they try to set her straight, kindly or unkindly to varying degrees. "You dream of dresses, Bailey? That's gross. You're a boy!" Bailey is gender-fluid, a girl "trapped in a little boy's body" as it were, and doomed to being misunderstood and lonely, except her dreams set her free.

Marcus with his brother Chris whom I have never met!

Among the crowd of fans, an old friend, Laurence Roberts a/k/a "Larry-Bob"

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Larry-bob said...

Hi Dodie - sorry to have missed you at the reading, and hope that your cat is doing better!